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What draws a luxury buyer to Northeast Florida?


“Variation of Seasons, Iconic Beaches, Multitude of golf courses, A+ rated schools, Small town feel in a Metro Area.” - Natalie Bryant, Bryant/Schinsing “Luxury buyers are drawn to Northeast FL for its diverse range of upscale residential neighborhoods, boasting elegant waterfront estates, gated communities, and prestigious golf course properties. The city's vibrant cultural scene, including fine dining establishments, high-end shopping districts, and world-class entertainment venues, further enhances its appeal to discerning buyers seeking a sophisticated lifestyle. With its prime location along the picturesque St. Johns River and Atlantic coastline, Jacksonville offers luxury homeowners unparalleled access to recreational opportunities and breathtaking natural surroundings.” - Laura Bishop, Bright Bishop Group


“The luxury buyer is especially drawn to Ponte Vedra Beach. A unique area with the Atlantic Ocean on one side and the intracoastal waterway on the other. Top quality golf courses and the # 1 School district in the State of Florida are just a couple of the the draws. I live in Sawgrass Country Club, one of the top rated private golf and beach clubs in the country with estate homes to small condos surrounding the courses. The PGA TOUR is headquartered here as well as the ATP Headquarters. The Players Championship is played at The Sawgrass Tournament Players Club each year. All and all, this area provides a lifestyle that C-Suite executives covet as well as families and many more. Close proximity to private & international airports as well add to the wonderful accessibility of this area.” - Mandy Morrow, Mandy Morrow Group


“Our beautiful beaches and serene way of living!” - Jennifer Sexton, Sexton and Mock

“Luxury Buyers are looking for quality of life, attractions in the area, access to direct flights, outdoor activities, and a community that supports their lifestyle and business alike. Northeast Florida has been a developing city over the last few decades and has the big town size with a small town vibe.” - Kyle Bosworth, The BOZ Group



What luxury market trends do you see emerging in Northeast Florida?



In Northeast Florida, luxury market trends include high demand for waterfront properties, private amenities, smart home technology, sustainable features, and secluded settings.” - Natalie Bryant, Bryant/Schinsing



“Waterfront properties with private docks and access to boating and water sports continue to be highly sought after among luxury buyers, reflecting a desire for exclusive outdoor amenities and waterfront living. Additionally, there is a growing demand for custom-built homes that offer unique architectural designs, personalized luxury amenities, and expansive outdoor living spaces, catering to the discerning tastes of affluent individuals seeking exclusivity and comfort in Northeast Florida's upscale residential market.” - Laura Bishop, Bright Bishop Group



“Location has always been the #1 calling card for the luxury buyer. Ponte Vedra Beach within the Northeast area of Florida is where the luxury buyer wants to live or have a second home.” - Mandy Morrow, Mandy Morrow Group



“Beach property will never loose its value and is limited in quantity. Thus you see many homes having extreme makeovers or in many cases the land is worth more than the home so new homes are replacing the old.” - Jennifer Sexton, Sexton and Mock



“Proximity to the water (beaches, river, or inter-coastal), ranch land or a weekend getaways (within 1 hour), and new school developments are trends I see buyers prioritizing.” - Kyle Bosworth, The BOZ Group

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