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Why Ultra-Luxury Matters


Some of you might be wondering why on earth COMPASS would devote a lot of effort and attention to the Ultra Luxury markets when they comprise such a tiny percent of the entire markets, when most will never sell a $10 million-plus property.
Here are the (many) reasons why I pay attention to and promote Luxury & Ultra Luxury:
1.  Like it or not, the very high end gets the most attention from the media (second of course to a celebrity name): so when I list or sell one of these mega-properties I am bound to generate substantial, prime press. My association via the COMPASS brand with this is invaluable. Many won't admit they love reading about these "fantasy" sales, but we all have our guilty pleasures and beautiful, absurdly expensive homes captivate attention! 
2.  Who doesn't love to dream? It is human nature, not just for the buyers and sellers of these ultra homes. Providing information (the Ultra Luxury Report), imagery, etc about these homes - even if I don't sell them regularly - fuels engagement which can be beneficial to all of my clients whether buying or selling.
3.  When my name is attached to and associated with Ultra-Luxury, it can never hurt how people perceive me and the connections it helps me make. When COMPASS's name is attached to these properties it further builds and elevates the brand that I am associated with and that is good for everyone. 
4.  Hey, you never know.  When my sphere knows and is reminded regularly, that I belong to a big network of some of the best agents anywhere selling ultra-prime properties throughout the US, they may just reach out to me to be connected to one of them outside of my area that does not have these price-points. My sphere trusts my judgement but they also want quality and to be certain they are being connected to the best. (PS: I know several people who live in $1 million homes in my area and own a second, $12 million home in another location)
5.  One day someone willing to buy, rent or sell one of these properties may just reach out to me after seeing my name associated with this price-point regularly and consistently.
Think of the power of my network, Compass brand and the 13,000 agents throughout the U.S that can benefit every client I have through the following example: If every agent at COMPASS broadcasts the Ultra Luxury report to their sphere, and each has just about 100 recipients in their distribution, that would amount to around 3 million exposures of COMPASS associated with Ultra Luxury to people who know me as a real estate professional. That's more people than watch "The Bachelor in Paradise" on ABC.

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