Where Should I Place The TV?



We've all heard this question asked by buyers and as professional agents we should always be prepared with solid options. TV options have grown tremendously in the past few years as new technologies have emerged and older ones have been vastly improved. While many accept the look of a TV on a wall, others bemoan it. There are solutions for all.
1.  Regular wall-mounted TV's. There are multiple options, sizes and price points.
2.  Projection TV's: these days the quality has improved so notably that they are clearly visible projected on a screen or wall in full daylight.
3.  Retractable TV mounts: these allow you to place a TV on a wall and angle the TV towards you when watching, allowing for more placement options.
4.  Furniture mounted concealed TV's: cabinets with a hydraulic system allow a TV to rise from a cabinet and disappear when not in use.
5.  Ceiling mounted TV's:  These lie flush within the ceiling and then angle down when in use.
6. Floor mounted concealed TV: a high-tech automated arm raises the TV concealed in the floor.
7.  Under-bed mounts:  a mechanism houses the TV under a bed and it emerges from the foot and rises with a hydraulic arm when in use.
8.  TV on a stand. Several attractive variations of this exist at multiple price levels.
9.  Mirror TV's.  Tech allows. a TV to be mounted within a bathroom (or other) mirror and disappear when not in use.
10.  Room divider see-through TV.  LG has revealed a new technology in TV options for the home, a TV with a transparent screen, the world's first wireless transparent OLED TV, with a 77-inch OLED (organic light-emitting diode) screen, a technology used in lighting that facilitates digital displays on products including TV's and smartphones. Thanks to its transparency, the TV does not need to be placed against the wall like a traditional screen. (DEZEEN)
11. Rollable TV's. Yup, a TV that rolls up into a low-lying cabinet that maintains your view when placed in front of a window.
12. TV as art? The FRAME TV by Samsung appears as if it were an art piece in a gallery-style frame when not in use.
Naturally, some of these are very expensive options, but often these are cheaper solutions than blocking a view.
In a world where real estate can cost $1,000-plus per square foot, the cost of a TV should be weighed up against the space savings.....

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