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What Is More At Risk From A.I: IQ or EQ?

An IQ - or intelligence quotient - is a total score derived from a set of standardised tests or subtests designed to assess human intelligence.              EQ - Emotional intelligence - also known as emotional quotient, is the ability to understand, use, and manage your own emotions, as well as recognize and influence the emotions of others.


With IQ already 'invading' almost every aspect of society, which one is most vulnerable....IQ or EQ? 


Many of us possess one or the other of these two attributes, and fortunately many of us also possess both.  For some lacking in IQ, we have the technology to help.  I've always spoken about the importance of High Tech and High TOUCH in the real estate advisory profession and now more than ever this combination is of utmost importance as AI is bound to insert itself into the tech part. It already has. And it's very effective.


EQ is a learnable, measurable, and scientifically validated skill set that can help you handle emotions, connect with people, and make good choices.  Thankfully, these are skills that are extremely tough to teach a computer, or as in A.I.'s case have the computer teach itself. EQ is very human.


At COMPASS we have very purposefully focused on building outstanding, highly functional, easy-to-use technology, including A.I. for A.I: Artificial Intelligence for AGENT Intelligence. I firmly believe that an efficient, supported, well informed, accurate human real estate advisor with empathy and outstanding human-to-human skills is best at providing the complex and nuanced services required in the topsy-turvy world of real estate, whether it's related to buying, selling, building, renting or simply staying put.


It seems almost certain that A.I. benefits and successes will be largely focused on the IQ side of things. However, A.I.'s ability to become emotionally intelligent remains questionable. Some may even avoid this aspect believing it's not fiscally rewarding. We know otherwise. The consumer knows otherwise. Consumers love personalized attention, hand-holding and curated, insightful, professional guidance. Always listen to the consumer and cater to their needs and wants to be successful.

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