What is Luxury Real Estate? The Journey Begins From Within.


Today, luxury real estate is about choice, a personalized mindset as individual as fingerprints. The journey for luxury begins from within, with the discovery of what one finds valuable and how one wants to experience life, through to the realization of the home which embodies it. The fulfillment of this personal vision is true luxury, especially now as home has never meant so much to so many.


To discover what luxury real estate means to you, here are some questions to ponder: 

1.  What will you define as your 'success' one year from now? Ten years from now?

2.  What pursuits do you most enjoy? What should you do more? Or less?

3.  What is your purpose in the world? We all play an important role. Even the (perceived) smallest of touchpoints matter and make a difference.

4.  Who matters most to you? What are you doing to embrace, enhance and nurture these relationships? Who is missing in your life?

5.  What new habits and skills do you wish to learn and master? 

6.  What are you doing proactively to nourish your mind and body?

7.  Are you growing, stagnating or in decline? If you are not content with your predicament, what can you do to change course?


Taking an honest inventory of who you are, where you are, what you are and how you are is a first step toward envisaging your own determination of luxury, and summoning the next steps on your personal journey toward it. This journey may take work, but nothing that is truly worth something is quick and easy.


We are all different, and our answers to, “What is luxury real estate?” are unique. Embrace this. Celebrate this! Peruse the distinct, captivating and exceptional properties on the Luxury Division at Compass website, devise a plan for 2023 and set forth on making your own luxury real estate dreams come true. While each day may be an unfolding mystery, the more you do, the more opportunity you will have to fully experience unlimited potential. It is never too late to begin again.





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