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The Urge for Winter Concierge

The other day as I toured a $15 million-plus property, the buyer turned to me and asked: "Is this renovation several years old?" I was startled. The renovation was a little over a year old. This buyer viewed the property as 'used' and 'tired' - even though it's far from it - and all it would have taken to 'freshen it up' was a deep cleaning, sparkling windows, some minor paint touch-ups, and possibly some staging accessories.....

This episode reminded me again of the critical importance of showing all properties at their very best. Once people visit physically these days, it is akin to the SECOND showing.  The first showing happens online, virtually. Then, once there is real interest they will visit, and no responsible professional agent should allow that visit to be anything less than the very best experience..... Enter COMPASS CONCIERGE......

COMPASS concierge basically finances minor repairs, deep cleaning or staging of properties, and a whole host of other things we should do to make sure a property shows at its very best. Did you know that Compass agents who use Concierge win 27% more listings than their peers at Compass?  On average, Concierge listings sell for 3% more than non-concierge listings at Compass. And COMPASS Concierge listings sell 30% quicker than non-Concierge listings. Since the launch of the program, Concierge has helped over 15,000 sellers with their home improvement projects, driving a more pleasurable experience for the consumer.....and the seller.

The concierge can be incredibly helpful with listings during the winter months by covering the cost of winterizing a home, snow or leaf removal, roof repairs, gutter cleaning, mechanical repairs to avoid inspection re-negotiation, etc., and is available even if the home is already on the market (ie. even if the home has been sitting on the market for a couple of months, it's not too late to make some repairs/refresh the paint/ fix the landscaping). Think of all aspects of the showing experience: anything that unnecessarily messages the need for post-closing repairs, or simply gives the feeling that a property is not well maintained, should be proactively addressed.....and COMPASS Concierge can help facilitate this if the seller does not have the capital or the desire to spend their own money up front.
Winter showings don't benefit from the enhancements a blooming garden or a sunny cheerful day can deliver. It is during this season that the property itself should show at its very best, and small improvements and fix-its can make all the difference and eliminate the curse of any showing: unnecessary distractions or the expectation of future repairs and costs.
Ask me about Compass Concierge today. 

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