The Three C's Of Real Estate


It used to be the Three L's of real estate - LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION -  that drove decision making and yes, this is still true, but these days I find almost everyone at every price-point may be as well served by focusing on the THREE C'S of real estate:  Compromise, Compromise, Compromise.
In human being's never-ending quest for perfection, fueled more so these days by immaculately curated (and filtered) imagery on social media, I find more and more people somewhat disappointed by how much less they are able to find of their 'dream scenario' in a home search. This is nothing new. The good news? This is not confined exclusively to lower budgets. Yes, even those at the very high end - maybe even more so - discover that they have to compromise on at least one thing when searching for home. This can be even more disappointing when you think you have finally 'arrived' and expectations of perfection may be even higher.
With the guidance of an astute, professional real estate advisor and agent consumers are almost always much better equipped to:
1.  Understand the realities of markets, what is realistic to expect at certain price points, and what is not. Showcasing these realities in an intelligent, informed manner can save lots of time and heartache. Offering alternatives that may allow fewer - or different - compromises is a valuable exercise too.
2.  Experienced, accomplished agents can help identify solutions and work-arounds to things that may at first appear like a compromise, but may have a solution. They will have the resources to help realize these solutions.
3.  Professional agents with a creative eye - or one that has over many years witnessed enough real estate - often identify opportunities within a property others may not see. These may offset some compromises to create new value and upside. Creativity and great design fuels value.
4.  Often it takes a professional who is not as emotionally distracted to help evaluate the pro's and con's of each property, possibly showcasing how a compromise is offset by an important feature that may be more valuable to your lifestyle and/or needs.
While all are almost inevitably going to have to compromise on some things in the real estate sphere, this may serve as another important reminder that no-one and nothing is 100% perfect. Seeking perfection is painful. And what is perfect to one may not be perfection to another. There are many versions of 'almost-perfect'. Life is too short to seek that which does not exist.

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