The Other Stimulus Waiting In The Wings

The US and many other parts of the globe experienced the effects of government/taxpayer funded stimulus during COVID, trillions of dollars! This started in early 2020 and continued well into 2022 and its effects have been enormous, fueling extraordinary economic growth, debt and inflation.
The other stimulus that makes all others seem like chump-change is the enormous transfer of generational wealth that started years ago and is accelerating now, and will continue for the next two decades or so, further fueled by massive tax cuts in 2018 for very wealthy estates. It's estimated to be more than 10X the Covid stimulus, over $70 trillion.
There is another stimulus waiting in the wings. Rising property values have given Americans almost $32 trillion of home equity. This mountain of money has become more expensive to tap into because of higher interest rates especially on home equity lines of credit, but it is viewed in C-suites and on Wall Street as dry powder to reignite the remodeling boom once rates decline and further stimulate economic growth and the overall economy.
Yes, what has happened in the past 5 years has made the rich much, much richer as well as those not-so-rich who own homes. Yes, ownership that often requires sacrifice and long term commitment comes with privileges and advantages for sure!

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