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The (Impatient) Waiting Game

One of the more frustrating things we have to do in life is wait, patiently. We all experience this throughout life, whether waiting for dinner, graduation, a family member to get ready, a response to an email or text, standing in line, waiting in traffic and yes, in business we often have to wait patiently and respectfully for countless things too.


While sometimes things sell quickly, most times there is a lot of time that passes before and after that happens. Almost every transaction I have ever been involved in has required numerous moments of waiting. Patiently. Yes, part of my role is to keep things moving along in the right direction but often I am compelled to pause and let things breathe allowing others to think, absorb, or simply get to our item once their time clears up.  Some things take longer than others, and some work faster than others. Everyone also has a life outside of my timing needs that can slow things down. These are some methods I use to navigate those waiting moments:
1.  Maturity has taught me that I have to wait for certain things and be patient. Embracing my maturity as a gift of getting older and wiser.
2.  I question why things are taking 'so long' in my mind to help rationalize why I simply have to wait.
3.  I put myself in the shoes of 'the other' to possibly help explain the wait.
4.  I distract myself with other stuff. In our world we have the capacity to be busy doing other things 40 hours per day. Play some music, meditate, breathe deeply, exercise, or do whatever eases anxiety.
5.  I offer to help. Instead of demanding action or speed, I ask if I can be helpful or answer any questions.
6.  I give myself some time to breathe too. It allows me to think of something useful and helpful related to the wait.
7.  Nudging others to move along can be helpful: badgering them or demanding are both unattractive and counterproductive, most times.

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