The Home School Room

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A Subzero may be swell. A Peloton Suite is perfection. A swimming pool is sublime. A ZOOM ROOM is an essential. And now as we ride the COVID pandemic ensconced in our homes, some homes are dedicating entire rooms to homeschooling. Is the HOMESCHOOLING room the next, most fabulous desirable home amenity?
How many more things will we be programming into our homes to isolate ourselves from the rest of the world? Will our only access to the outside world be via a screen? A dental suite? A Botox/Beauty Room? And if we do so, what will we do when things change again: the only certainty we have these days is change.... Yes, change is a certainty and it is coming. It's simply the timing of it that is uncertain. I fear that many decisions being made right now are assuming that the realities we're experiencing right now are permanent. I may be wrong, but I would bet much of it is temporary.
Some of the adjustments being made to our homes are 100% justified and smart and will have long term appeal. But some, driven by paranoia and hopelessness, may prove to be short-lived. Personally I find the thought of a life alienated from the rest of the world forever to be sad and lonely.
No, I will not be building a moat surrounding my home filled with alligators to ward off the throngs of approaching zombies .... I hope I am not being delusional. I don't think I am!

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