The Future of Luxury Interiors

2024 Interior Design Trends & Predictions

Embark on a journey to unravel the trends that will shape the landscape of luxury design in 2024. In an illuminating discussion, Compass Luxury engaged in a dialogue with a distinguished panel of seasoned agents—Marina T Schindler, Judy Delen, Colleen Coopersmith, Caroline Bean, Julie Sutton, and Lana Pargh. Each of these individuals brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the realm of interior design, offering unique perspectives that resonate with the discerning tastes of luxury homeowners. Immerse yourself in their expert insights that redefine the standards of elegance and opulence.


 What 2024 interior design trends do you predict will influence luxury real estate, capturing the evolving tastes of affluent homeowners?

“Biophilic design is here to stay, focusing on incorporating nature into our living spaces. This can be done with living plant walls, interior trees, courtyard gardens, and with the extensive use of skylights.” - Colleen Coopersmith

“The use of more chrome finishes, innovation in tiles to replicate premium materials, and the continuation of fluted wall paneling and lacquer finishes all contribute to a sense of opulence and sophistication in luxury real estate.” - Caroline Bean

“Looking ahead to 2024, we are seeing more and more Grandmillennial design styles incorporated as a response to the long-dominating mid-century modern and minimalist interiors. I believe the best Grandmillennial spaces employ this approach thoughtfully by mixing in timeless antiques, iconic furniture pieces, and family heirlooms.” - Julie Sutton


In luxury interiors, do you foresee certain design elements or materials being highly sought after, shaping the aesthetic of high-end homes in the upcoming year?

“Texture and materiality will continue to be sought after. Designers are leaning away from the geometric patterned mosaics and feature walls and instead are putting an emphasis on an all around feel for materials that tell a story and have a depth of texture.” - Lana

“Spaces will be carefully curated in 2024, with an emphasis on decluttering and choosing pieces that serve both form and function. This trend will be defined by muted color palettes, clean lines, and multifunctional furniture, resulting in serene and uncluttered environments that promote a sense of calm and well-being.” - Colleen Coopersmith


Colors are pivotal for creating a luxurious atmosphere. Are there specific palettes or combinations you anticipate resonating well with affluent clients in 2024?

“Gone are the days of whites and beiges and stark minimalism. For 2024, I find myself gravitating towards bold, sensual colors and layering them in a monochromatic way. My affluent clientele are leaning towards brown, burgundy, purple, and yellow-greens.” - Marina Schindler

“I think moody greens and dark rich browns are luxurious in dens, offices, and media rooms. These colors pair well with soft creams and beautiful wallpapers, especially in spaces like a powder bathroom where you can play up the drama.” - Judy Delen

“Soft rose and blush, muted and dark earth tones such as green, terra-cotta, deep red, and brown all offer richness and depth. Industrial design, minimalism, and the color gray are out for the year.” - Caroline Bean



What's your key advice for homeowners aiming to craft an elevated and luxurious interior in 2024?

“I am gravitating towards warm and intimate interiors for 2024. While many luxury homes have grand open spaces, next year, we have plans to build vignettes that create intimacy, grouping furniture and accessories that feel warm and inviting, and making a space that can, in effect, hold one securely within it. I love formal elegant spaces, but I don't think that people want to sit stiffly upright on a couch anymore. Rather, they want to sink in deep and be comfortable. By layering colors that are in the same family along with luxurious fabrics, we can create an intimate story within a grander space.” - Marina Schindler

“Try to keep timeless and classic design in mind. When playing around with trends, you can incorporate elements into a space, but the whole room shouldn’t be trendy. Ensure the majority of your luxury home can stand the test of time.” - Judy Delen

“Rather than focussing on the size of your home, instead carve out budgets for furniture, window treatments, lighting, accessories and landscaping that will reflect your style and transform a home into a warm and welcoming respite for your family and friends.” - Julie Sutton



Based on your experience, which upgrades and design enhancements yield the most return on investment when preparing to sell luxury homes in 2024?

“Cosmetic changes can be intimidating and hard to visualize for prospective buyers. Changing cabinet fronts -- sometimes just painting them -- and replacing the hardware is transformative. When you invite a buyer into a home that feels like a turnkey property which only requires them to add their personal touch, it makes a world of difference in a sale, limiting time on market and maximizing sales price.” - Marina Schindler

“Investing in boutique-like, glamorous walk-in closets is recommended if you are preparing to list your home and want to appeal to luxury buyers.” - Caroline Bean

“Kitchens and baths will continue to set properties apart from competing listings. Needing to renovate kitchens and baths puts an inevitable inconvenience on the new homeowner. If a seller is unwilling to put in the capital for upgrades, I have found success in marketing these properties to interior designers, contractors, and architects who take delight in a project piece.” - Lana Pargh



From the resurgence of warm undertones and moody colors to the emphasis on texture and materiality, these insights depict the evolving landscape of opulence. With the discerning eye of these experts, homeowners are encouraged to create intimate, comfortable spaces, steering away from stark minimalism and pushed to embrace color. As the key to elevated interiors lies in thoughtful curation, these agents guide us through the nuances of timeless design, from avoiding overtly trendy choices to the essential upgrades that promise a substantial return on investment. Be inspired as we redefine the standards of elegance and opulence in the upcoming year.


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