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The Energy Efficiency Check

Until recently some argued that energy efficiency was simply a do-gooder fantasy. That was until monthly home carrying costs came sharply into focus more recently during the inflation spike. The best way to motivate anyone to do anything these days is to attach savings to it.


Several years ago, a Brooklyn Townhouse that had recently completed a gut renovation (almost 9,000sf in size), had all the expected exquisite finishes and amenities one would want at this price point. Still, it was newsworthy at the time as it had been renovated to PASSIV House standards by expert architects in the field, Baxt Ingui Architects. Nothing about these efforts was jarringly evident or compromised the character and beauty of the home. At the time, most people shrugged when we mentioned it had triple-glazed windows, intense, engineered insulation, and just one Mitsubishi AC/heat pump on the roof when usually there would be six or more.


Today, it's a different story. While most at this price level can afford anything, few LIKE to pay $2,000 per month to heat or cool a home. This home costs significantly less per month to heat or cool. Yes, that is good for the planet. Yes, that will allow us to power all those new data centers. Yes, that will allow us to power more US production. Yes, this makes neighborhoods quieter and the air cleaner.


More importantly, cities and states around the globe are implementing new energy standards and homes and buildings that don't meet those standards will have to retrofit or pay fines. So yes, energy efficiency costs less after an often notable up-front investment. A lot less. Every, single, month. New windows and insulation alone can make the biggest difference.


Mentioning these aspects in listing descriptions these days is standard. Aside from energy efficiency, climate-related resiliency aspects can bring down insurance costs notably too.



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