Seven Seconds


Many researchers estimate that people frame their first impression of you in just the first 7 seconds upon being introduced to you mostly in person or via some other communications vehicle, an email, text, ZOOM call, mailing, phone call, etc. 
Princeton University did a study of this and suggested it's less than 7 seconds. Yes, we are that judgemental.
What exactly is the message you can convey in the first 7 seconds of your first impression, that:
1.  Engages others?
2.  Makes others want to know and listen more?
3.  Makes others like/respect you?
This may be invaluable advice. While I'd love to believe humans would take more time to get to know you better, reality is what it is, and it's often best not to deny reality and address it proactively and practically.  At first, I did not believe this and then I observed myself to confirm that this is indeed true.
Most introductions allow you the ability to message visually, and yes visuals matter and work faster than words allowing you more 'content'. So everything you say, write or convey via other visuals, including your personal appearance, mannerisms, tone, choice of words, etc - counts.  
Try to remember this 7-second rule with all your communications around first impressions.
One....Two.....Three.....Four.....Five....Six.....Seven....that's fast!

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