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Rubbish vs. Reality

Gauging public sentiment these days can reveal alarming differences between fact and reality. If you followed the media, and/or public sentiment or perceptions of truth, you'd think hundreds of people are attacked by sharks weekly. In reality, in 2023 there were 36 shark bites in the US, 52% of the world's total for the entire year! You might think hundreds died in plane crashes in 2023 with over 71 million people flying in that year yet ZERO people died from a commercial flight crash in 2023.


A Harris Poll survey for the Guardian in May revealed 55% of those polled think the US economy is shrinking (its growing by over 1.5%), 49% think unemployment is at a 50-year high (it's a 50-year low) and 49% think the benchmark S&P 500 stock index is down for the year (its up 11.28%). Over the past 12 months probably a majority in the US think real estate agents earn 6% commission for every sale they do. They too are wrong. Very wrong. Yes, misinformation and downright mass uneducation of facts impacts us all. Worse, lots of these narratives are purposefully broadcast to paint a scary picture to drive media attention, fuel political power and stoke division and anger, often for financial gain. Still doubt me? Did you know that US inflation has been 2% or lower for only 13 of the past 50 years? Did you know the 30-year fixed rate mortgage has been 6% or lower for only 17 of the past 50 years? Yup. Most of the headlines these days imply both these data points are almost entirely something new and rarely seen in history. 


No, reality, data and facts have not left our planet. Facts are what they are. We cannot control the planet but we can - and should - speak up when we hear and read pure falsehoods. No, Tik-Tok is not an encyclopedia of facts! Remaining silent simply gives license for some to spew more rubbish. Now we have a responsibility to be more forceful in broadcasting the verifiable facts and data that we have direct knowledge of in our profession. Yes, we can do this!

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