Refuge & Prospect


These were two words used last night by our esteemed guest speaker - architect Rick Cook - at our Architectural/Design Speaker Series when asked what mattered most to him in a home: "Refuge" & "Prospect". So what exactly do they mean?
1. REFUGE:  A home has to be a sanctuary of safety, where you feel protected from the elements, a place where you can feel a sense of comfort knowing that you have 'escaped' pursuit, danger or trouble. A roof over your head implies rain, snow, ice, etc will be avoided. A locked door and windows gives you a sense of safety, privacy.
2. PROSPECT: Imagine you are standing on a covered porch. The roof over your head protects you from the elements. The railing prevents you from falling over the edge.....that delivers the sense of refuge.....but now you stare out into the distance with a view, and that allows you to prospect, to ponder what lies beyond.
It extends your eye and your imagination, allows your mind to breathe. It's basically a view - any kind of view - that affords your eyes and mind to breathe. Imagine looking out to a beautiful garden, a countryscape, a big open skyline or water view.....
These two elements of design matter to many humans, often subconsciously, and provide them with an extremely rewarding living environment.

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