Quality of Life


What is Quality of Life? The key to understanding this is to accept that it's different for EVERYONE.
And yes, many have a choice. Over the years these are things I have found matter to my clients most:
1.  Easy access to an exceptional variety of cultural institutions, like art, music, theatre, etc.
2.  Big open spaces for hiking or enjoying nature/the outdoors.
3.  Public transportation, walkability and/or little need for driving to get around for daily tasks.
4.  A small town-big city hybrid.
5.  Access to the best medical or educational/schools options.
6.  Beautiful weather year-round, not too hot, not too cold, lots of blue sky.
7.  Defined, four seasons, where each presents its own unique characteristics.
8.  Low taxation, low regulation, lots of business opportunities.
9.  Being where the big deals are made and the players of the globe congregate.
10. An exceptional variety of quality food, restaurants, produce, etc.
11. Daily access to ski slopes, a golf course, tennis.
12. Tons of snow.
13. Zero snow and ice ever.
14. Hot dry weather or cool and cold weather.
15. Being close to family and friends. And their 'tribe', those with similar interests.
16. Driving yourself everywhere in a beautiful car....or one of many in a car collection.
17. A swimming pool year-round.
18. A shared indoor swimming pool you never have to maintain.
19.  A beautiful garden for daily gardening.
20.  Zero maintenance.
You get the picture. What may be the perfect quality of life for you may be alarmingly different for others. While some scream from the rooftops how much cheaper their area is, and for many affordability is essential for survival, some listening might think that's crazy-talk because that area may offer a fraction of the things that truly matter to that person.....And while where they may live is much more expensive, they not only want different things, they can afford the price.
Yes, there are many people around the world who are quite content to pay a premium - sometimes an enormous premium - for the lifestyle of their choice. Would someone living in an exquisite home in The Bolton's in London switch out for a lower tax, sunnier lifestyle in Dubai? Some yes, most no. Not only can they afford to stay in London and pay the much higher cost of living - and taxes - but their lifestyle is at the end of the day a personal choice, one based on 'want' not 'need'.
For some, hoarding more money when they have lots already, seems pointless if it deprives them of the things they really love. Spending more - lots more - is often worth the price to many people, globally.

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