No Stairs!


Many older home owners desire a home with NO STAIRS! Yes, people in their 60's, 70's and 80's are very aware of stairs and the dangers they pose for falls. Of course, many older people have lived with stairs their entire life and are just fine, but most are not comfortable with stairs in their older age as they can trigger pain, require more energy, are not friendly to those who are unfit or frail, etc.
More than 1 million Americans injure themselves on stairs annually. The fear of falling is profound. Homes where everything is on one level will grow in demand, especially for older generations. Alternatively, building homes with an elevator (or stair lift), or adding an elevator may be invaluable, especially in smaller homes that may be appealing to down-sizers. Larger single-floor homes are usually much more expensive to build as they require larger foundations and roofs. Stacked apartments are more cost-effective to build.
Traditionally, stair lifts/elevators have been unattractive when retrofitted to a home. They can also be extremely slow which may discourage their use and result in a fall. With improved design, many options now require very little space and can transport you from floor to floor in 30 seconds. The cost of installing an elevator may increase the value of a home. It also may open it up to an entirely new and very potent, under-served audience. 

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