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New Messaging For Buyer's Agents?

I've always felt buyer's agents have been treated like second class citizens too often. Yes, exclusive listings are wonderful, but there is tremendous satisfaction in identifying a buyer's needs and wants, guiding and educating them along the way during the 'hunt' and then ultimately securing and closing on a new home. That's a lot of work, but it can be very rewarding.


In a new format for messaging this success story, why not add to the message something like this:


" So Happy For My Clients As They Start Their Next Life In This Wonderful Home....Let me share with you what it took to get here....."


1.  We met in June, 2023, having been introduced by prior satisfied clients. After a lengthy interview, we established their housing needs, concerns and a very detailed wish-list of essentials, and potentially things they might have to compromise on.

2.  We established a timeline by which date they had to close and be moved in.

3.  We evaluated financing options and I connected my buyers with the best suited mortgage broker for their needs and personality.

4.  I structured a specific strategy on how to achieve this end result.

5.  We started by identifying certain properties they liked, even if they were not available anymore.

6.  I shared a detailed checklist of all the steps it takes to get from finding a property to closing. I have fine-tuned this list over the years.

7.  I created a Collection showcasing properties available, those in contract and those that have sold to help educate them to what is selling for what.

8.  While my customers had identified multiple properties online, I included insights on those and others that helped them understand context, the kind of insights that you cannot Google.

9.  I previewed multiple properties for them, combining with this ongoing task I do on a regular basis to stay attuned to market conditions and inventory. I identified some homes not currently listed or those being quietly marketed and not exposed to the wide market.

10. I set up tours to view homes which require lots of emails, calls and texts to set up and confirm.

11.  I researched each property prior to showing to better understand any insightful tidbits. Lots of this I learned from listing agents with whom I've established long, trusting and collaborative relationships. We did follow up evaluations of what we had seen, what they liked and disliked.

12. The home we identified as a best match for my buyers was very recently listed and competitively priced.

13.  To help them through the bidding process, I gathered as much current data as possible to help them understand valuation fully, not just based on closed sales that may have been negotiated many weeks or months before in different market conditions. We focused on valuation, not just the asking price.

14. We strategized bidding knowing there was competition. We included all aspects of an offer that would place them at an advantage.

15.  Ultimately we 'won' the multiple bids, not just because of price, but because the listing agent trusted me - over years of earning that trust - that we would perform. Well represented buyers are a seller's best friend.

16.  Then came the contract negotiations and paperwork. That's easy as I have a support team to make this seamless and efficient. 

17.  To make our offer more appealing we agreed to an inspection prior to contract signing. 

18.  After scheduling the inspection and meeting with the inspector onsite for several hours, an issue was identified. We evaluated the repair cost versus the potential for demanding it be repaired by the sellers, possibly alienating them. I have trusted resources who helped identify costs quickly.

19. Once in contract we focused on obtaining financing, scheduling an appraisal: there were not many closed comparables in the area, but two recently signed contracts:  My years-long relationships with those listing agents helped me secure the details of this to help appraise the property.

20.  We prepared the application for the HOA. Again, my support staff helped me with this, guiding the buyers through a maize of paperwork to make things seamless and easy.

21.  We scheduled a pre-closing walk-through inspection. I have established a detailed, extensive checklist for things to evaluate during this.....

22.  And so on and so on and so on.........


Substantive detail is what has been missing from our messaging. We don't wish to bore our clients, but in many cases we have failed to identify just how extensive the process is. Just how much work and effort it takes to get to the finish line, and yes, even at the finish line the job of a trusted advisor does not end.

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