Mini-Park Magic

There are massive important parks around the globe - like Hyde Park in London, Phoenix Park in Dublin or Central Park in Manhattan - that are acknowledged and celebrated for the positive impact they have on the communities they serve:  today I want to celebrate the small, lesser-known parks that are equally important.
Dotted around cities and towns everywhere, small parks play a critically important role in the lives of people. Some are simple green patches with little or no fuss. Others have playgrounds. Some have water features. Some have extensively planted flower gardens where community involvement is encouraged. A small patch with a few trees and a bench can provide a much-needed nature respite of great value.
In 2021, one of the world's great horticulturists and landscape architects passed away..... Cornelia Hahn Oberlander.  Her lifelong ambition was to promote the value of public green spaces to human beings, and she was responsible for the creation and planting of many parks - both large and small - around the country. 2020 taught us all just how important it is for humans to connect to nature and the value this has on the human psyche. Studies show that green spaces can have a protective effect on our mental well-being. We're quicker to recover from stress, and less likely to experience depression. 
Yes, suburban living affords private green spaces, but even in suburbia, a shared green space can be enormously beneficial to the quality of life of residents and visitors....and increase the value of its real estate. It can provide a solid sense of community. It can be unifying. Our planet could do with more unifiers instead of vilifiers.

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