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When shooting video,  I try to incorporate as much beautiful imagery as possible. Lots of it. The more the merrier. Some properties allow this more easily than others. Dull imagery will never captivate your audience. I also like to tell a story that feels authentic.
There are lots of gimmicks out there, but when the story feels genuine, it resonates.
I also work hard on the details rather than the superficial fluff we see on Reality T.V.  I like to dig deep and explain them, the kinds of things you simply cannot see in a wide shot. In my videos I like to tell a story, interview the people that helped create the property or someone I helped with their journey to becoming a homeowner. To speak to the vision or what has been most interesting about a particular project, I try to include the architect, contractor or the interior designer. 
Sharing unique insights about the property that are non-Google-able and that are not obvious, highlights the uniqueness of the property and that it's not something that can be easily replicated. I like to share insights that speak to real value, not just monetarily, but those that add value to the quality of life. The environment the property is located in cannot be overlooked. Is there a charming town nearby? A local coffee shop? Something unique and special about living in this area? I like to share those details and speak to the audience that the old adage of Location, Location, Location should be applied when shooting video to show the exact site/location of the property, the location of the property on the street and the location of the street within the town or surrounding area.  
I enjoy sharing some of the feeling or human aspects about living at the property by outlining magical highlights such as the warm glow of light at sunset, the sounds of nature, the convenience of knowing everything is within moments of your front door and the sense of real that truly draws people in has something that has been lacking for too long in most real estate videos......SUBSTANCE! 

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Ken interprets market data, staying in constant communication and offering valuable insight that then translates into an informed decision.

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