Luxury in the Lone Star State


Texas leads the country in rapid residential growth, drawing high-net-worth buyers seeking low taxes havens. The Luxury Division inquired with Texas luxury agents about what sets these markets apart as uniquely desirable locations.



What draws a luxury buyer to Dallas-Fort Worth?


Dallas-Fort Worth has amazing high end neighborhoods, and people in our luxury markets really invest in their homes. I am seeing so many amazing designer homes in our market place with amazing indoor and outdoor spaces.  Dallas doesn’t have the ocean or mountains as an escape so people really style their home in a way to make for an ultra luxurious lifestyle - almost an oasis. (Julie Rado)


What trends do you see emerging in Dallas-Fort Worth?


Luxury home sales continue to grow in Dallas-Fort Worth. The Compass Mid-Year Ultra-Luxury Report showed that luxury home sales in Dallas-Fort-Worth grew by a staggering 200 percent in the first half of the year – and that’s just on-market sales. We continue to see demand for new construction or beautifully maintained homes across the metroplex. Luxury buyers are more discerning, even as inventory remains low.


In terms of luxury housing trends, we are seeing an importance on the connection between indoor/outdoor living, a home gym or workout space, more than one home office and top-of-the-line finish out. The home “lounge” and bar combination has become a very sought-after room in the home and we are seeing that trend factor across all luxury price points. (Christine Danuser)



How does luxury in Austin differ from other markets in Texas?


Luxury in Austin stands out for its unique blend of urban vibrancy and natural beauty. Unlike some other Texas markets, Austin offers a dynamic mix of modern, eco-friendly living spaces in harmony with the picturesque Texas Hill Country. We have beautiful rolling hills that are less than five miles from downtown, which allow for amazing views while being minutes from the town center. It's this distinctive combination that sets Austin luxury apart. (Nicole Kessler)



What attracts a luxury buyer to Austin?


Austin’s location is a huge draw. Being in the Hill Country allows for incredible views and outdoor adventures, all surrounded by nature. Lake Austin and Lake Travis are big draws for the luxury buyer looking for the lake lifestyle. There are several luxury gated communities that are home to some of the best golf courses in the state.  Austin’s vibrancy and economy are also large draws. Price, location, size, quality of design, materials and construction, opulent décor, high customization, and community amenities are what define our luxury and ultra-luxury real estate. (Scott Michaels)



What shifts do you see emerging in San Antonio?


In San Antonio’s luxury market, we are observing several emerging trends, including increased demand for sustainable and energy-efficient properties, a growing interest in smart home technology, and a focus on wellness amenities like private outdoor spaces and home gyms. Additionally, there’s a shift towards more contemporary and minimalist architectural designs, complemented by a continued appreciation for the city’s unique cultural heritage in luxury properties. (Fred Hutt)


What predictions do you have for San Antonio in the next year?


In recent years, San Antonio has witnessed a notable surge in individuals and families relocating from out of state, especially in the luxury real estate market. Several distinctive factors specific to the city have contributed to this trend. San Antonio has a growing job market, including high-paying positions in healthcare, military, and technology, which has attracted luxury homebuyers seeking both professional opportunities and the upscale lifestyle. (Codi Vives)


What appeals to a luxury buyer about Houston?


Houston’s luxury market is desirable due to no state income tax, overall affordability and a solid business climate. The most sought-after luxury neighborhoods are close to parks and downtown Houston, offering wonderful culture - restaurants, theater and shopping. Also, Houston is a very welcoming city and has a major airport (IAH) with flights to every major city in the world.



We are finding that prospective buyers in Houston are wanting larger lots for pickleball courts and recreation, as well as a desire for private/secure properties and solid HOA's. For interiors, buyers are wanting more color, textured wall coverings and a little more separation in the layout than the wide open design of recent years. (Laura Sweeney)



What sets Houston apart from other markets in Texas?


Houston's blend of international business, paired with one of the most diverse populations in the country, provides residents and visitors with a world of beautiful culture, from shopping to cuisine to museums to incredible architecture. Houston is home to many corporate headquarters. Once focused primarily on the energy sector, Houston is now home to global headquarters in aerospace, aviation, manufacturing, technology, and medicine. This has cultivated a luxury market of global sophistication.The luxury real estate market in Houston ranges from historic estates to first-class condos, and there is also the opportunity to own a significant amount of land in one of the many suburbs. (Mike Mahlstedt)



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