Introducing One & Only Moonlight Basin


Unveil the enchantment of Big Sky as the chosen backdrop for One&Only's inaugural Private Homes in the US, as Philippe Zuber, Chief Executive Officer of Kerzner International, details the seamless fusion of breathtaking mountain vistas and unparalleled luxury experiences. Gain insights from Jonathan Tomlinson, Kerzner’s Senior Vice President, as he shares how Moonlight Basin redefines exclusive mountain living. Furthermore, we invite you to explore the architectural brilliance of Olson Kundig and Tom Kundig as they unravel the deliberate design ethos and harmonious integration of Moonlight Basin with the surrounding natural landscapes.


Why was Big Sky selected as the location for the inaugural One&Only Private Homes in the United States, considering the numerous highly sought-after mountain destinations in the country?



This location was selected because it offers one of the most pristine and dramatic mountain landscapes with unparalleled recreational opportunities. By having a brand like One&Only, it creates an environment that nurtures the dream of being in the wilderness, combined with a luxury experience that is unmatched in the mountainous West. 


“Each One&Only resort celebrates their own unique destination,” says Philippe Zuber, Chief Executive Officer, Kerzner International. “Big Sky is the perfect location for the first One&Only Nature Experience in the U.S.,  where guests can discover powerful mountain experiences year-round.” One&Only is committed to creating extraordinary experiences in extraordinary settings.


How does the One&Only brand elevate the experience? What specific design elements contribute to the luxury and exclusivity of these homes?



The renowned architect Olson Kundig ensured the overall design aesthetic fully embraced the stunning views and natural landscapes. Big Sky is a particularly special place, but how do you create architecture that unfolds itself into the landscape without detracting from it? Lead architect Tom Kundig is interested in accentuating the experience. “It’s not just about Lone Mountain. It’s also about the Spanish Peaks view corridor, the valley down to the Madison River, the flowers in the meadow, the branches in the trees, and the colors of the landscape. It’s about this mountain place.” Here you can enjoy the spirit of the landscape and local culture. One&Only Moonlight Basin Private Homes seamlessly harmonize with the natural environment, providing the perfect space for family and friends to gather, relax, and rejuvenate after a day of adventuring in the great outdoors.

As a One&Only Private Homeowner, you gain access to a coveted network of privileges, here at One&Only Moonlight Basin, and across the One&Only world. From exclusive events and priority bookings to preferential rates and special savings, you can enjoy more of what you love, right on your doorstep and beyond. Homeowners will also have a dedicated One Contact, who will ensure every homeowner’s experience is effortless and hassle-free.







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