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Interior Decorators can be a meaningful asset to homeowners, helping them interpret their lifestyle needs and wants via home design. The task is not easy: sourcing, scaling, coloring, budgeting, delivering, installing, navigating client mood swings and emotions and changes in tastes and lack of imagination can all be extremely challenging. Interior design is complex, nuanced and NOT as easy as it appears to some. 
There are decorators and then there are DESECRATORS.... While taste is in the eye of the beholder, sometimes I come across some truly dreadful interior design that I feel certain was the work of an interior designer taking advantage of a client who simply did not know what to like or want. Sometimes the reverse is true:  a great designer is sometimes compelled to follow the design whims and fantasies of clients who imagine they have exceptional tastes that are somewhat disturbing at best....
I'm in no way advocating that everyone lives in a neutral, cream-greige-colored home akin to the kind we like for staging (good to help people scale a room and imagine THEIR lives and tastes installed in the future). I think people should live the way they want to, in colors and furnishings and fabrics that make them happy and satisfy their personal tastes. Personal, authentic, collected interiors that truly represent the inhabitants of the home are wonderful. However, I urge all consumers to recognize that when it comes to selling, your personal tastes may not translate well to a wide audience. And some may consider your decoration to be......desecration. The way a home is decorated impacts its value tremendously:  interior design can add value....or diminish value.
Many interior designers are exceptionally talented and outstanding at what they do too. I encourage all to view the past work of a designer they may be considering hiring to know that you won't be a party to - and financier of - a hideous experiment!

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