I Can Find My Own Home!


Often in our very Google-able and searchable world, buyers do indeed identify the property they end up buying. In reality identifying a property is just one relatively small component of the buying process. There are dozens of things, including education and hand-holding, that have to happen prior to a search, during a negotiation, post accepted offer and then even post closing.
While those action steps are intense and time-consuming and rather easy to highlight, a hidden value add that is tough to quantify dollar-value-wise, is the experience and knowledge and the extensive network that a professional buyer's agent has built up over time. To know what to look for, know what to anticipate, know what questions to ask, and have all the resources needed to answer the many questions and issues that arise throughout this process.
A seasoned professional often goes well beyond a 'zestimate' or any of the other online, algorithmic do-it-yourself tools that too many believe are accurate or pertinent to their specific mission. Averages are mostly useless headline-grabbers: Curated, specific insights and intelligence based on real-time data matter.
What is the value of experience and know-how?
Often it delivers real, tangible value. Sometimes though that value is tough to easily identify and/or explain. But it's there. We know it. We live it. Now we have to message it.

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Ken interprets market data, staying in constant communication and offering valuable insight that then translates into an informed decision.

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