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What inspired you to launch The Rendering House, and how does your background in real estate contribute to the services you provide?


The Rendering House was founded out of a passion for design, real estate, and technology - some of the same things that brought me to Compass in 2018. I saw the need for high-quality, visually stunning marketing materials that could showcase properties in the best possible light, especially when working with builders. My background in architecture helped me easily visualize floor plans but virtual renderings help everyone visualize what's possible not just with new builds, but also the potential of a home remodel.


Can you walk us through the range of virtual rendering services offered by The Rendering House and how they enhance the marketing of luxury listings?


At The Rendering House, we offer a range of virtual rendering services that are designed to help luxury listings stand out in a crowded market. Our services include renderings, 3D virtual tours, virtual staging, virtual landscaping, interior design, and more. These services help potential buyers get a better sense of the property, its features, and its potential, which can lead to increased interest and faster sales. 


How do your virtual staging services help prospective buyers visualize the potential of a property and create an emotional connection?


Virtual staging is a powerful tool that helps prospective buyers visualize the potential of a property. By adding furniture, decor, and other elements to a space, we can help create an emotional connection with the buyer and showcase the property's unique features. This can be especially helpful in cases where a property is vacant or has outdated furnishings. The staging and images that we produce are elevated, elegant, and timeless. They're on par with the modern images seen on the pages of Vogue Decor, AD or Town & Country.


In what ways does The Rendering House differentiate itself from other virtual rendering companies, particularly in terms of quality and customization?


At The Rendering House, we differentiate ourselves from other virtual rendering companies by understanding the needs of a real estate agent, tailoring our offerings towards impactful marketing and a maximum value offer, and offering a high level of customization and personalization. We work closely with our clients to understand their needs and preferences, and we tailor our services to meet those needs. Additionally, we use the latest technology and techniques to ensure that our renderings are of the highest quality. 


Could you share success stories where your virtual rendering services played a pivotal role in the sale of a luxury listing?


We've had many success stories at The Rendering House, where our virtual rendering services played a pivotal role in the sale of a luxury listing. One example is our own listing, 6044 Bresslyn Road in Nashville TN, where the property had been on the market for several months without much interest. After we created a virtual rendering and virtual staging, the property received an instant offer and sold at the asking price six months before the actual home was completed. Our services helped showcase the property's potential and create a sense of excitement among potential buyers.  There are dozens of similar stories from other Compass agents who have used our team to render their listings.


“Lana and her team were immensely helpful in accurately depicting all the incredible details for one of the most expensive waterfront listings to ever hit the market in North Florida. Her team beautifully executed the exact designer specifications for every detail of the home including the interior design! It has allowed us to expand our marketing offering well in advance of the home’s completion and disrupt our market by providing a service to our seller that did not previously exist.” - Jonathan Spears


“New construction is a large segment of the Raleigh luxury market.  Buyers often find it difficult to visualize what a home will look like from blueprints alone.  Let's face it: there are so many nuances a blueprint doesn't convey, and emotional connection is just one of those things.  High-level luxury renderings have become a large part of helping a potential buyer see and experience what a new home could look and feel like.   


Renderings of this quality give a competitive advantage to a builder by giving a visual component that looks like real life.  Many people don't know the difference.  By having stunning images to use in the marketing of a design-build home, we are able to bring more inquiries and conversations to the table.  This is a win-win for the builder and potential buyer.  The builder can visually articulate their vision of the plan and the buyer can see a version of the finished product.  Getting a buyer and builder on the same page quickly helps facilitate an agreement faster with less friction. 


Using luxury renderings in our marketing of builders' properties has helped elevate our marketing overall, allowing us to earn more builder business while putting their properties under contract more efficiently without the long wait times we have seen in the past. For one of our listings in particular, virtual renderings enabled us to get it under reservation within 24 hours.” - Gretchen Coley

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