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Early Indicators

I am always seeking out opportunities to demonstrate to my sphere, and the world in general, why working with a professional, fully engaged real estate agent can deliver enormous value. One of these areas is my ability to gather insights and intelligence early via my daily experiences and insights via my daily boots-on-the-ground engagement in markets.
There is only one certainty in markets and life, and that is, "change". As markets shift and change, they deliver early indicators of what may come next. Reacting is almost always less effective than acting. Right now we have one more obvious early indicator: while rates are much higher than they were a year ago, chances are they will be coming down in 2024. This is more common knowledge, but what exactly am I seeing in your markets as it relates to this?  How does it relate to construction? Zoning changes? New infrastructure?
A new art museum, coffee shop, park, Whole Foods, etc? A new group of people moving in or out of your area? Where are they moving to and from? Who is out buying right now? What is their sentiment well before they transact? Are photographers or stagers busy or not busy, an early indicator of new inventory coming, or not? I gather this information on a daily basis in addition to the chatter I gather from other agents in my network.
One of the greatest value-adds of a professional agent is their EXPOSURE to all things, not just properties. Sharing these insights with dedicated clients is certain to demonstrate real, tangible value that no do-it-yourself Google search or other entity is capable of delivering. Google searches, market reports and even artificial intelligence mostly gather data and insights from the past: I live in the present. And any wise investor knows that is of greater value.
If Las Vegas slogan is "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!", maybe we in the real estate profession should come up with a slogan that says something like: "If you read about it in the media, it probably happened many weeks ago!"

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