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What is the surest way of killing a deal? Infuse it with anger and/or hateful words and actions from a seller, buyer, lawyer, agent, mortgage broker, inspector, etc. When harsh or angry words or tone is used by any participants to a potential transaction it is almost guaranteed that this will make things worse for everyone. De-escalating is a critical component - when the moment emerges - to successful and effective dealmaking.

As a professional real estate advisor, one important function I perform during the transactional process is to be the calm force of reason in the storm, keeping all parties focused on the mission at hand and helping all move as smoothly and efficiently as possible towards the goal or finish line. One aspect requires ME to de-escalate any and all friction-inducing behaviors or words. While it may be tempting to get into a Jerry-Springer-Style push-back, regardless of how 'wrong' someone is, it's imperative to maintain that calm tone and demeanor that diffuses raw nerves and heightened emotions.  Even those who are habitually poorly behaved require this of us.

Without my specific, swift actions to de-escalate rising tensions, things can escalate and fall apart...or worse. This is just another role only a (professional) human agent can perform effectively, and another reason why the consumer is best served by an agent who is supported by de-stressing technology that allows me more time to deal with these issues.

When there is arguing, there is no hearing. When we stop listening to one another we cannot address and resolve issues proactively. Even when the 'other side' is dead wrong or delusional, winning them over to reality and truth and practical solutions is best achieved in an environment of calmed respect, empathy and patience.

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