Data vs. Information


The volume of data you may be able to gather via a simple Google search is astounding. In real estate there is lots of data out there, including brokerage market reports, as well as never-ending opinions provided by real estate entity economists who claim to know all. Most of this extensive data-gathering is historic. Lots of it is incomplete. And virtually none of it is in real-time. Real estate data - unlike equities - is delayed data, often by many weeks and months. In this new world, data has become more available, but not necessarily more informative.
The extent of data out there has left many consumers feeling very empowered. I feel empowered when I Google all sorts of things related to health until I meet with my doctor who then provides that which the data alone cannot do: context, insight and the information that matters to my particular circumstances. 
Data alone is rather useless unless it is specific. If all homes were identical, this would be much, much easier, but as we all know they are not. Average two homes that sold, one for $1 million and the other for $2 million and you get a $1,5 million average. That average is painfully useless. Yet so many consumers trust these averages. Too many reports that churn out averages are doing a dis-service to those seeking specific guidance.
Fully informed, intelligent, fully engaged professional agents have the capacity to extrude real-time data and insights that actually have a direct benefit and invaluable value to the consumer. 

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