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Curated, Compass' Luxury Magazine, Hits the Skies

Compass and MediaJet Partner to Elevate Curated Magazine to Exclusive Private Airports Nationwide


NEW YORK, September 22, 2023 — Compass, the leading real estate technology firm, announces an exciting new partnership that elevates its luxury magazine, Curated, to new heights. Through a collaboration with MediaJet, Curated Magazine will now be available at 25 prestigious private airports across the United States, reaching a discerning audience of 328,000 passengers in exclusive destinations such as Aspen, Nantucket, and Scottsdale. This expansion coincides with the Fall/Winter 2023 issue of Curated Magazine to be released in October.



“With this latest milestone, we soar above and beyond, placing Curated Magazine in unique spaces our agents’ clientele frequent," said Felipe Hernandez-Smith, Head of the Compass Luxury Division. "We are not merely connecting homes with buyers–we are connecting dreams with reality."



Curated Magazine features some of the most distinguished Compass properties on the market today. With a circulation of 35,000, the magazine bridges the gap between luxury consumers and exclusive real estate listings. It captures the attention of a national and international audience, boasting print distribution to top household incomes in major U.S. cities and digital access to a curated list of ultra-high-net-worth global consumers, and now also includes travelers at distinguished private U.S. airports.



The Luxury Division at Compass, responsible for the magazine's development, has been at the forefront of innovation in luxury real estate marketing. Since its inception in 2020, the division has hosted networking events with leaders in the luxury space such as Rolls Royce & Northrop & Johnson, crafted custom marketing strategies for the nation’s most elite homes, produced nationally recognized market reports, launched strategic partnerships, including a referral program with Barnes International, and embraced digital platforms like Instagram to engage with a global audience.



“Curated Magazine's arrival at 25 private airports marks an exciting chapter in our ongoing commitment to delivering excellence in real estate marketing,” said Compass Luxury Division Director Elizabeth Healy.

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