Compass Concierge is great for 4 reasons:

1.  Sellers: they reap the profits of the repairs/renovations, not the i-buyer or flipper-buyers. Their home usually sells faster too. Their neighbors like them for not devaluing their neighborhood/building.
2.  Buyers: most don't have the will, know-how, imagination, time or cash to renovate/fix post-closing. And, if they are financing they can finance the whole, renovated package and not require cash, time, and another place to live during renovation post-closing.
3. Neighbors: renovated homes don't sell for deep discounts, keeping surrounding valuations elevated. That's good at the time of resale and if you refinance.
4.  Compass Agents: buyers need some imagination, so showing a home in great condition makes for a quicker, stronger sale and keeps everyone happy. Happy clients are good for the long term. This also fuels the fact that I play a far greater role than merely the transactional one: I advise wisely on preparing/renovating/repairing a home which further fuels the advisory value I bring to the table and makes me indispensable in the luxury marketing and advisory sphere.

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Ken interprets market data, staying in constant communication and offering valuable insight that then translates into an informed decision.

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