It's important for me to message what we do at Compass. Here we go:
We're a hybrid of both a traditional company and a tech company. Tech fuels humans to be their best: you need both! We build most of our own technology, comprehensively. And it has proven results, fueling my business, efficiencies, and quality of the best interests of the consumer. We have HUNDREDS of highly skilled COMPASS engineers and product staff working in New York, Seattle, and India to create, improve and service our technology. Tech is infused into almost everything we do. When technology makes me more efficient, it allows me to devote even more time in an advisory role separate from the mere transactional aspects of my profession. This enhanced consumer experience elevates my value whose role begins well before a transaction occurs, during, and forever afterward. No algorithm, discount entity, or human replacement can do what I do as they are focused exclusively on the transaction: we do both, fueled by tech. 
I don't believe some magic technology should replace me: it should EMPOWER me to elevate efficiency and accuracy, all in the best interests of the consumer. Real estate is a highly emotional and complex entity. What once took hours in my pre-COMPASS world now takes minutes, often less. We have both low and high-tech at Compass, Google-fast, and Apple-easy! Revolutions are messy and damaging and often destroy. Multiple, ongoing evolutionary steps - collectively - become revolutions....without the damage!
I know no other 10-year-old luxury real estate brand that has gained this much name recognition and exposure nationally & internationally this fast. Technology has helped fuel this. And it keeps multiplying daily, with the help of technology. COMPASS is a brand that appeals to the next generation of luxury consumers of all demographics, those seeking: simplicity, consistency, curated content, exquisite graphics, and tech-enhanced efficiencies. 
Sometimes we are so busy focused on building and improving and growing, we forget to see how far we've come. What we are doing is attracting the best of the best, and great companies are always a direct reflection of great people. 

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