Collective Power

Nothing compares to collective power, whereby I capitalize on the networks of all those around me, all 25,000-plus Compass agents strategically positioned around the USA. I benefit tremendously when the consumer thinks  of 'Compass' automatically, when they think of real estate. When they think of Luxury real estate, and they think immediately of COMPASS, that is even better.
Here is some math: if every agent at Compass has on average 500 contacts in their network/sphere of influence, 25,000-plus agents sending out a digital copy of Curated will reach an audience of over 10,000,000. I would suspect we can reach more than TRIPLE this number when we combine it with email and social promotion. As an individual agent or team, I cannot justify the expense of producing a product like Curated.....but collectively I can by participating and promoting it.
So my clients are enormous beneficiaries of me being associated with a brand that is synonymous with luxury real estate marketing, that is automatically associated with luxurious marketing. That can never hurt. There are MILLIONS of different real estate agents and team names floating around.....Compass is the brand name association that fuels my power to be truly memorable.
Just ask that $100 key ring in Tiffany if it would have the same marketability/desirability/price-point if it were not for those $10 million diamond rings that message the tone of the TIFFANY brand....

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Ken interprets market data, staying in constant communication and offering valuable insight that then translates into an informed decision.

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