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It's never too late to say " Thank you " for being recognized in  Chicago Agent Magazine Who's Who Edition.

Always fighting for the best outcomes for his clients, broker Ken Dooley is a focused and detail - oriented agent with expansive knowledge of the industry and a finger on the pulse of the market.

Dooley's career began in the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, where he worked in the trading pits. During his six years there, he saw how the traders interpreted economic data on a daily basis and how quickly the market could react in the form of rising or falling interest rates. It's a skill that certainly comes in handy now his career as a real estate broker. 

After going through numerous economic cycles, Dooley says he has a better understanding of the market than most. With over two decades of experience in Chicago real estate industry, he says younger agents just can't compete with the experience he's amassed over the years.

A certified International Property Specialist, one of Dooley's finest moments of the past year was assisting a family in Saudi Arabia with the purchase of a property in Chicago. "We connected via Zoom in early 2002, and they interviewed multiple agents before making a selection," he recalls. " I'm happy to say they chose me, and they trusted me to guide them on journey, having never met personally. We recently closed in their purchase."

Dooley currently leads a team of five other agents, who allow him to cover more ground and ensure no opportunity is missed. "You have to be a self-starter," he says. "Nobody is going to give you the business. You have to get up everyday and keep the business flowing."

Dooley serves as a member of Compass Cares, an organization within Compass where a percentage of each deal is given back to the community. Most recently, he helped secure a donation for Humble Design, a local charity. 


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Ken interprets market data, staying in constant communication and offering valuable insight that then translates into an informed decision.

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