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Anticipation & Preparedness


Great customer service requires me to anticipate things on behalf of my clients before they actually happen, a form of expectation management. While I may be unable to anticipate everything, experience has taught me many things that can happen before, during and after a transaction that I can alert my clients to. Knowledge is not only powerful, it has the capacity to diffuse anxiety and drama.
I always want to make my clients experience the best it can be. Some things are worth sharing with them and others are not. Anything I can do to avoid stress and conflict, the better. Anything I can do to not only anticipate what may or may not happen, but actually be prepared to address it proactively - and fast - will fuel a better experience for my clients. Sometimes in preparation mode I share the things a client may expect to happen. Others can be kept to myself so long as I know I’m in a position - and fully prepared - to address/counter/resolve the item.
The consumer sees great value in agents who 'read their minds'. They are always impressed by those who do their homework and are both empathetic and intuitive......combined with the resources, network and knowledge to resolve challenges as they arise. Meeting my clients expectations is wonderful: delighting them by going that extra mile by anticipating certain things before they are asked or happen is even better!

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Ken interprets market data, staying in constant communication and offering valuable insight that then translates into an informed decision.

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