Accelerated Recoveries


Some argue that the recovery from the 2008/9 financial crisis was too slow because the response was not sufficiently aggressive.

We saw the exact opposite in 2020 when trillions of dollars were pumped into the economy with a spectacularly fast turnaround. 


Those watching the equity markets might have noticed that at one point during 2023 when the NASDAQ was down over 20% YOY in August. A few months later it’s now trading at record highs. Up 47% in a year! The recovery time for many surgeries has been improved over the decades. A bridge destroyed by a hurricane in Fort Myers Florida was replaced with a temporary bridge in just 15 days. 


Have we entered a period where recoveries are speeding up?


New technologies and advances combined with extreme, heightened awareness, may be what is fueling this. And often heightened awareness minimizes one of the biggest causes of disasters: arrogance.

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