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A Tiny Cabin In The Woods


In recent years I have heard all too often the desire to escape all and live in a cabin far, far away removed from everything and everyone. Today's non-stop drumbeat of bad or divisive news combined with the stresses of daily life could explain this sentiment. And then there is the reality.
When you are far, far away from everything, you are equally removed from social interaction, technology, connectivity, health related services, emergency services, food sources, etc. It can get pretty wild out there and unless you are really equipped to handle this and protect yourself from unwelcome visitors (both wild and human, sometimes rolled into one), I would reconsider this.
Being far, far away from everything and everyone certainly can deliver benefits, but for most an extended period of time, being removed from society is unhealthy, possibly even damaging for most. Nature is truly divine, but we as a species have evolved out of the wilds over centuries to need and want certain comforts, services and people.
It can seem enticing to escape everything and live in a cave but keep in mind that sometimes caves collapse on you. Life and lifestyle are perfect nowhere! Seeking out as many of the pro's of where you are or where you are moving to and then focusing on those may be best. Escaping to a far off remote place is wonderful, but mostly for a limited period of time, a weekend or 2 week's vacation.
Often that which we imagine to be bliss turns out to be the opposite. As Sam Zell once stated when asked about office workers and city dwellers relocating during the pandemic, arguing that a mass exodus from cities isn't realistic: "If you move to Nowhere, Iowa, it's 5 o'clock there every day. And what do you do at 5 o'clock? Go across the street to the pig farm? We are social animals."

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